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Cloud Contact Centre


GoCo’s Cloud Contact Centre drives productivity and customer service

GoCo’s Cloud Contact Centre can transform your contact centre operations with a full-featured, scalable and reliable multi-channel solution that can increase agent productivity and provide an exceptional customer experience. This hosted Contact Centre provides many advanced features including real-time analytics, omni-channel interactions, intelligent routing and extensive historical reports. Also, as a cloud-based solution, it does not require any on-premise infrastructure or maintenance, thereby reducing your overall operating costs.

The flexibility of GoCo’s cloud contact centre allows agents to work in the office, at home or from any other location, while still maintaining full secure access to all the features and services they need to deliver consistent customer service. Whether your client interactions with your business are constant, or your business experiences peak periods or seasonal operations, the system will seamlessly scale to satisfy all your needs.  

A better way to manage your customer service operations

  • Greater operational flexibility

    Greater operational flexibility

    Your agents can work from any location, and you can bring in additional agents to handle off-hour calls.

  • Exceptional customer experience

    Exceptional customer experience

    Your customers can interact with you via their preferred channel; and they will be routed to the most appropriate agent.

  • Better use of resources

    Better use of resources

    GoCo’s scalable solution makes it easier to adapt to changing traffic patterns without investing in redundant equipment.

  • Better customer interactions

    Better customer interactions

    Your agents have access to real-time customer insights and history to guide personalized interactions and achieve better outcomes.  

  • Lower cost of ownership

    Lower cost of ownership

    Overall costs are reduced by per-user pricing, no upfront investment, no requirement for excess capacity and no on-site support needs.

  • Remote Contact Centre

    Better disaster recovery

    In the case of disaster, your agents can continue to operate from any location on any device with an Internet connection.

Advanced features to improve agent performance and customer experience

  • 1

    Powerful analytics

    Real-time monitoring and sophisticated analytics on a dashboard give supervisors access to key metrics for greater control.

  • 2

    Intelligent routing

    Skills-based and geographical routing coupled with simple IVR menus ensure your customers reach the most appropriate agent quickly.

  • 3

    Omni-channel interaction

    Customers can make contact via their preferred channel – voice, web chat, email, SMS, video call or social media. 

  • 4

    Integrated quality assurance

    Your supervisors can utilize call- and screen-recording as well evaluation tools to monitor, intervene and identity training needs.  

  • 5

    Customer journey insight

    The Customer Journey feature gives agents access to up-to-date information on customer transactions and preferences, as well as recommended actions.       

  • 6

    Application integration

    You can seamlessly integrate GoCo’s solution with customer relationship management, helpdesk and workforce management systems to improve efficiency.  

  • 7

    Dynamic Notifications

    You can send outbound voice, text or email messages to remind clients of appointments or payment due dates; or to provide them with information regarding absenteeism, scheduling, deliveries, promotions or alerts.       

Polaris Transportation Group strengthens their customer service thanks to GoCo Cloud Contact Centre

GoCo’s Cloud Contact Centre – better for business

Flexible Intelligent Contact Centre Solution

This hosted Contact Centre provides a flexible intelligent solution that gives customers the freedom to communicate the way they want and gives agents the tools to deliver exceptional service. Your business will benefit from greater customer retention, enhanced productivity for inbound, outbound and blended environments and increased revenue. You can be confident that your contact centre is secure, compliant, and agile enough to meet the changing demands of your business. 

GoCo Cloud Contact Centre – your questions answered

  • Why is a cloud-based solution important?

    You don’t have to invest in, or manage, premise-based infrastructure. We provide the infrastructure, and our contact centre specialists manage, monitor and maintain the system. Cloud-based systems also have greater reach and they are easily scalable, giving you greater operational flexibility.


  • How does call queuing work in a cloud contact centre?

    Queuing systems in traditional legacy solutions can only allocate calls to available on-premise agents. Cloud-based contact centres have queues that can route calls to a wider pool of available agents in various locations, ensuring a faster response to incoming interactions.


  • Can we use our existing phone system and numbers with GoCo’s hosted solution?

    GoCo’s Cloud Contact Centre is PBX-agnostic. It can work seamlessly with GoCo’s Cloud Phone System, Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, as well as any other phone systems; regardless of whether they use desk phones, softphones or mobile devices. You can also retain your existing local and toll-free numbers, which we can port to the GoCo platform.


  • Will we need a contact centre IT administrator on staff during and after migration to the cloud?

    No. We take care of the migration for you according to your vision of the best experience for your customers. We also take care of system management, maintenance and upgrades; so you won’t need a Contact Centre IT administrator. We provide comprehensive supervisor and agent training, as well as an extensive knowledge base, to help make your team more self-sufficient.


  • We sometimes experience periodic spikes in our customer interactions. Will we encounter any blockage or outages during those times? 

    No. The flexibility of GoCo’s cloud-based contact centre solution allows you to automatically access additional capacity during your peak seasons, or whenever you need them. You can then revert back to regular capacity during normal operation periods.


  • Why do we need to change our existing on-premise call centre?

    Customer expectations are higher than ever before. Your customers want to make contact via their preferred channel and they expect a speedy, personalized response from an agent who understands their needs and can deal with their enquiry efficiently. Legacy systems simply cannot match the omni-channel, intelligent routing and customer journey capabilities of modern solutions like GoCo’s Cloud Contact Centre.


  • How reliable are cloud contact centre solutions compared to premise-based systems?

    Cloud-based solutions provide equivalent or, in some cases, greater reliability. The cloud infrastructure is housed in geographically redundant data centres, where it is monitored and managed by experts to provide uptime of 99.9 % or higher. Additionally, disaster recovery is better because agents can continue to operate from any location, on any device with an Internet connection.

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