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Banking and Financial Services


Improve the operational efficiency, security and performance of your business.

Recently, there has been a sharp rise in remote work and the use of cloud-based platforms in the financial sector. Many venture capitalists, brokers, bankers, and insurance agents are increasingly leveraging unified communications technology and reliable managed networks to improve the operational efficiency and performance of their businesses.

Our advanced business solutions make it easier to deal with those challenges, but that’s just the start of what GoCo can do for your Canadian financial services firm.



They rely on us

  • 85%

    of Canadian workers in the financial & insurance industries are in jobs that can be carried out from home *

  • +100K

    users rely on GoCo Unified Communications

  • 99.9%

    Network availability **

Enhanced work-from-home experience

Enhanced work-from-home experience

If your business has employees working from home that require a reliable and secure internet connection for voice calls, video meetings or business applications, our work-from-home solutions are all you need to ensure quality service for business traffic on your home network. Our SD-WAN-based Work from Home solutions extend your corporate network to the homes of your employees, meaning your team has access to a reliable network just like they would in the office, and they can provide your clients with the exceptional service they’ve come to expect from your team.

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Managed network services

99.9% network uptime for optimized speed and connectivity

Uptime is critical in the financial services sector. As a national provider of managed network services, GoCo is uniquely positioned to provide the reliability, responsiveness, agility and security to support your office network and communication needs. Reliability is assured through multi-carrier redundancy with automatic failover, ensuring business-critical applications are not adversely affected by network issues.

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Remote Contact Centre

Remote Contact Centre

Our fully featured Cloud Contact Centre gives your agents the tools they need to provide a responsive, personalized service across any channel. The call flow is completely customizable, ensuring that callers reach the right agents at the right time. Comprehensive analytics and quality assurance features help supervisors maintain service standards. Our solution requires no premise infrastructure or onsite management, providing a secure, reliable solution in days rather than months.

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Collaboration Tool Suite

Unified Communications

GoCo Collaboration with Cisco Webex empowers your employees to work more flexibly and remain reachable anywhere, on any device. Our Cloud PBX solution and mobile app seamlessly enable Unified Communications (UC), so your teams can always keep in touch, regardless of location. Single number reach, always-on secure team messaging and collaborative virtual whiteboards are just a few of the features built into our platform.

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Multi-layered managed security

Multi-layered managed security

With rising threats and increasingly complex attacks on financial services firms, secure communication and collaboration are essential to protect clients’ confidential data and maintain compliance. GoCo is a leader in multi-layered Managed Network Security and we offer advanced threat monitoring and remediation services, including Unified Threat Management and DDoS protection for Canada’s largest financial service firms.

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Managed Network Services

Simple network management

Our solutions make it easy to reduce the burden on your in-house IT staff, while allowing you to focus on your core activities. GoCo’s network and voice portal gives your team the ability to access your network’s health status and performance with full transparency. Administrative staff can also use our portals for tasks like ticket-tracking and acquiring billing information.

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Why GoCo?

  • Simplicity-image


    We offer you an easier way to do business – one that means a smoother journey for you and helps untangle the legacy world of network and communication services that has been the norm. For us, valuing simplicity ensures that we’re efficient in our work and the solutions we deliver to your business.

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    In a world where business communications technology continues to rapidly evolve, we leverage our simplicity to deliver our solutions in the fastest manner, so your business can move forward and grow with confidence.

  • Scalability-image


    We know that your business needs are constantly evolving, so we provide you with scalable solutions that flex to your needs along the way.

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