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GoCo Managed Services

GoCo’s Managed Network Services keep your networks secure, reliable and open for business

Reliable, secure, high-performance networks are essential to the success of your business, particularly if you operate over multiple locations or support large numbers of home workers and remote users.

Networks underpin the quality and responsiveness of your customer service operations as well as day-to-day operations and business transactions so availability is essential.

With the increasing adoption of cloud-based applications and services, efficient, reliable network services are critical to maintaining user productivity and flexible working.

Operating multi-location networks can be extremely time consuming and divert support staff from strategic tasks to meet changing business needs.

Your single source for all your managed network needs

GoCo has a unique end-to-end perspective on the business, technical and operational requirements of networks.

As specialists in multi-location wide area networks, we bring more than 20 years of experience delivering seamless, customizable, end-to-end managed network and voice solutions for more than 20,000 Canadian businesses.

GoCo’s Managed Network Services provide and manage a wide range of innovative, custom-designed networking services to securely connect your business locations and your users in flexible cost-effective ways.

Advanced Managed Network Services to connect your business


GoCo’s SD-WAN technology is transforming the wide area network, giving you the opportunity to simplify branch networks, deliver branch agility, optimize application performance over the network and take full advantage of the cloud.

Our Managed SD-WAN solution gives your network the ability to meet demands for greater mobility, digital transformation, increasing dependence on real-time cloud services, and improved branch performance.

It provides the performance and agility to handle any type of traffic, prioritize critical applications like voice and overcome the limitations of traditional WAN technologies.

  • Simpler branch networks
  • Greater branch agility
  • Eliminates expensive legacy connections
  • Optimal application performance
  • Prioritizes mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications
  • Increased cost control

Secure VPN and MPLS

GoCo’s multi-carrier MPLS network solutions provide connectivity for businesses that require highly secure and reliable network with multi-carrier redundancy and automatic fail-over at each client site.

Our Private VPN solution securely connects your locations and remote users via encrypted tunnels with the flexibility to combine multiple carriers into a redundant and customized network.

Geo-redundant VPN gateways in our core network provide multiple data paths for redundancy with dedicated bandwidth up to 10 Gbps and built-in QoS priority for voice and mission-critical data applications.

  • Simple integration with cloud solutions
  • Secure, low-latency remote network access
  • Increased network visibility
  • Service & Support
  • Scalability for growing businesses or remote
  • Increased cost control
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and support with fast response times and detailed network reports

We can reduce the management burden on your IT team by working in partnership to augment your resources and improve IT productivity

GoCo Managed Network Services Team

Our fully managed service includes everything from network design and deployment to day-to-day operations and management.

By depending on our team of highly skilled network professionals, you free your staff to focus on strategic activities.

Our expertise and experience in managing networks of all sizes ensure maximum uptime and optimized performance for your business.

We utilize intelligent cloud-based diagnostic tools and sophisticated remote monitoring systems to maintain your networks in peak condition.

GoCo delivers a managed network experience from design, installation & implementation to 24/7 monitoring and support.

  • Reduce network operational and support costs
  • Free staff to focus on strategic tasks
  • Gain access to network expertise
  • Simplify network complexity
  • Leverage best-of-breed network technologies

Business Internet Anywhere

We provide multi-site businesses with a wide choice of reliable, scalable and high-performance Internet connections. GoCo is the largest multi-carrier network in Canada with the ability to reach and connect all your locations from a single source.

We bring together a large selection of broadband access types to provide a customized solution that meets your specific bandwidth, reliability, redundancy, and budget requirements.

Our flexible access options include:

  • Business DSL - Widely available, cost effective broadband suited to branch offices and retail.
  • Business VDSL - High speed options from 25 - 75Mbps for locations needing more download and upload capacity.
  • Cable Internet & Ethernet over DOCSIS - Deliver a range of high-speed options on the cable network.
  • Business Class Fibre - Symmetrical speed and high reliability for head offices or other bandwidth-intensive locations.

4G LTE Wireless Backup

Our 4G/LTE wireless business Internet backup service ensures robust, secure protection against WAN outages.

It is a cost-effective failover solution that offers the true route diversity necessary to keep your business continually connected.

It eliminates the high cost of downtime by automatically failing over to the cellular wireless network if your primary connection goes down.


GoCo’s Managed Wi-Fi solution ensures that you can deliver a high-quality highly reliable Wi-Fi service to employees and guests throughout your premises or campus.

Corporate Wi-Fi is securely segregated from guest Wi-Fi in a solution that is easy to manage.

Sophisticated analytics provide comprehensive insight into usage as a basis for capacity planning and control.

  • Traffic management – Our system ensures a great user experience with usage caps, session time limits and ability to block abusive users.
  • High quality Wi-Fi access points – High-performance access points ensure optimum performance throughout your sites.
  • Analytics – Provides visibility of applications used, number of users, bandwidth usage, device type and other information.
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Support – All access points are monitored in real-time to identify health and usage.

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