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GoCo Managed Detection and Response

MDR, your most
important security


Why invest
in MDR?

24/7 detection of known and unknown cyber security threats

Using proprietary behavioral analytics, MDR continuously searches for suspicious activity and identifies threats before they compromise your network.

Proactive response from a Security Operations Center (SOC)

Reduce the impact of an attack by enabling security expert analysts to actively respond to and contain cyber threats without delay.

360 visibility: network, cloud and endpoints

No matter where your endpoints are located, we provide best-in-class protection for distributed locations via on-site and virtual technology.

Actionable, low false-positive reporting

Alerts & observations come with context, references and recommendations that can be immediately acted upon.

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Cyber security is no longer just about Identification and Protection.
Detection, Response and Recovery must also be considered.

Why choose GoCo?

24/7 Canadian and bilingual Security Operations Center (SOC)

Always on monitoring and protection with Canadian bilingual security experts and technology.

Simple and quick deployment

Deploy, manage and access within days, regardless of your IT or cyber security expertise.

Cost effective and tailored monthly plans

Maximize your security investment and expected outcomes by leveraging our expertise and technology without exhausting your security budget.

True network monitoring with packet capture sensors

Like a flight recorder, capture sensors monitor in real-time and store the raw bit-level network packets, allowing to “go back in time” and better understand incidents.

Support as many locations as needed

From single to multi-site businesses, we can support up to 99 physical locations and thousands of end points.

One stop shop for all your needs

From coast to coast business Internet to SD-WAN and network security, GoCo offers all the communications and networking services your business needs, so you can work with a single vendor and invoice.

Product features

24/7, multifaceted approach

MDR combines threat hunting, machine learning and human security experts to detect known or unknown cyber threats.

Threat surface minimization

Easily compare enterprise network configuration and security posture reporting against key mitigation measure like the Communications Security Establishment’s Top 10 IT Security Actions, Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential 8, the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls, etc.

Friendly interface portal

Access threat reporting, organizational threat information from cloud and network monitoring sources, as well as access to historical reports.

Proactive response

Our bilingual cyber security experts actively respond to and contain high-alert threats.

Cloud services monitoring

Protects your business from cloud-based threats with coverage for Microsoft 365, G Suite, Azure, AWS, Dropbox, Box.com, and more.

Automated and immediate alerts

Receive immediate alerts for threats, vulnerabilities, and other security-related risks to understand and improve your security.

Threat surface measurement

Identify and track systems on your network (IT asset enumeration). Access and review network, endpoints and application data points to identify attacker-accessible assets. Supports Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android.

Built-in DNS firewall

Our built-in DNS firewall ensures safe web browsing and Internet access by blocking connections to malicious websites.

APIs and SDKs

Simple RESTful API integration for alerts and threat management. Integrates with existing tools, business workflows and third-party products.

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