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Flexible, robust connectivity options from a single provider for all your locations

Our Internet solutions help your business communicate effectively, accelerate transactions and access cloud services
If your business operates multiple locations, you need an optimal Internet solution for each site. Bandwidth requirements, user numbers and service levels vary by site — one size does not fit all. GoCo can meet your company-wide connectivity needs with diverse, reliable, high-performance Business Internet solutions from a single provider.

We provide a range of high-speed Internet access options to meet the different requirements for bandwidth, speed, reliability, redundancy and security at each of your sites. With the largest multi-carrier network in Canada, and connectivity from more than 100 Internet providers, we can develop customized Internet solutions for all your sites, regardless of their locations. 

High-speed Business Internet connectivity throughout Canada

  • Nationwide coverage

    Unmatched nationwide coverage

    With the largest  multi-carrier network in Canada, we can connect all your locations with consistent quality.

  • Network diversity

    Single source of network diversity

    Each site will have the most appropriate Internet solution, but with a single bill and point of contact.

  • Bilingual service and support

    Exceptional bilingual service and support

    Our experienced Business Internet specialists provide responsive support in English or French.

  • Time-tracking reports & analytics

    Maximum availability for users 

    Our Internet solutions are carrier-agnostic, so we can utilize multiple circuits to reduce the risk of Internet downtime.

Advanced features to keep your locations reliably connected

  • 1

    Diverse access solutions

    Our Internet solutions are connectivity-agnostic, giving you the access diversity to meet each site’s individual bandwidth and performance requirements.

  • 2

    4G/LTE: Wireless Backup

    Our cost-effective backup LTE Internet service is a robust and secure protection against WAN outages to keep your business continually connected.

  • 3

    Wi-Fi and analytics 

    Your team and guests can access high-quality Wi-Fi service, while sophisticated analytics provide insight for accurate capacity planning. 

The right Internet access for your business

  • Business DSL

    Widely available, cost-effective broadband Internet suitable for retail or smaller sites.

  • Business VDSL

    VDSL offers you higher speeds, from 25-75 Mbps, to support mission-critical applications, faster data transfer, large file uploads, cloud-based applications, HD video conferencing, VoIP and Unified Communications.

  • Cable Internet & Ethernet over DOCSIS 

    Cable Business Internet provides you with a fast, reliable service with a range of scalable, high-speed transfer options for email, web content, data backup and Internet telephony.

  • Business-Class Fiber

    Business-Class Fiber provides symmetrical speed and exceptional reliability for your head office or sites with bandwidth-intensive requirements.

Advice from industry experts on the optimum solution for your business

  • Smaller Sites

    Smaller sites

    If your business operates a number of small sites, we can provide cost-effective, customized Internet solutions to enable them to communicate effectively with customers and suppliers — suitable for retail, restaurants and professional services.

  • Multiple locations 

    Multiple locations 

    If you operate multiple sites across the country, we can connect them all with an effective combination of our Internet Solutions and SD-WAN or Managed VPN — ideal for retail and restaurant chains, gas stations, insurance companies and education campuses.

  • Wholesale business 

    Wholesale business 

    We work with other service providers, enabling them to provide Business Internet access to their multi-site customers. Wholesaling allows you to deliver high-speed Internet services without investing in your own infrastructure.

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