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Secure Access
Service Edge (SASE)

A unified approach to managing your network and security.

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Securely connect team members and devices to the apps they need, from anywhere, without the bottlenecks

SASE combines networking and security services into a single cloud architecture. It allows for direct, protected and quick access to apps from any device and location while maintaining robust security at the cloud edges.

Why evolve to SASE?

Zero Trust Strategy

Being a vital element of SASE, Zero Trust Strategy ensures that every user, regardless of location within or outside the organization’s network, undergoes authentication, authorization and continuous validation. This approach guarantees that access to critical apps and data always remains safeguarded.

Enhanced performance

The combination of SD-WAN and a cloud-first approach ensures peak performance by seamlessly directing users along the most efficient paths to access applications.

Lower WAN expenditures

Moving the security services to the cloud reduces the need for on-premises appliances. Also, SASE provides the flexibility to choose multiple connectivity providers, breaking free from the constraints of a single vendor.

Streamlined technology

SASE architecture consolidates multiple networking and security services, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Simplified scalability

Centralized management and visibility of network and security policies combined with a cloud-native approach allow companies to add new users and locations at their convenience easily.

Facilitated compliance

SASE simplifies meeting regulatory requirements through centralized policy enforcement, granular access control and comprehensive auditing capabilities.

End-user flexibility

SASE empowers users with secure and efficient access to cloud applications from any device, anywhere and over any network without compromising security.

Components of SASE

SSE (Security Service Edge)

Secure Web Gateways (SWGs)

Protect users and devices from internet-based threats by inspecting and filtering web traffic for potential threats and malicious content.

Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)

Help to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic, blocking any traffic that does not meet specified security criteria.

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs)

Help provide visibility and control over cloud applications and data. CASB ensures your cloud environments are secure and compliant.

Zero-trust Network Access (ZTNAs)

Guarantees that only authorized users and devices can access company resources.


Gaining adoption for its cost-effective flexibility in linking remote sites and cloud resources, SD-WAN lays a foundational base for SASE. It is essential for it’s implementation, facilitating connections from anywhere and guaranteeing vital network performance.

The perfect match: Why SD-WAN is the foundation of SASE?

Why choose GoCo?

We are the leading managed services provider in Canada

Having implemented communication and managed network projects for over 4,500 Canadian businesses, we accumulated years of expertise in network design, implementation and support.

We are multi-carrier by design

Working with 130+ partner carriers from coast to coast, we deliver unparalleled availability and redundancy to keep your sites connected.

GoCo Core network

With data centers in all major cities in Canada and $15M investments in the core network, we created next-generation infrastructure to guarantee you a cost-effective, highly reliable and secure service.

We are vendor-agile, teaming up with top SD-WAN vendors

GoCo operates in collaboration with three giants of SD-WAN technology—VMware, Cisco and Fortinet, highly acknowledged by Gartner for their cutting-edge solutions.

Our solutions are purposefully streamlined

We specialize in crafting solutions tailored to customers’ unique needs and budget constraints. Our primary focus is to ensure simplicity, speed and scalability, addressing all facets of efficient business operations.

24/7 support with onsite assistance across Canada

GoCo provides bilingual round-the-clock network monitoring, auto-generated trouble tickets and proactive support. With offices nationwide, we’re always ready to deliver personalized online and onsite assistance whenever required.

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