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Logistics and Transportation


Keep drivers, suppliers, warehouse staff and customers in contact

The transportation, logistics and warehousing industries have many unique networking and communications requirements to keep drivers, suppliers, warehouse staff and customers in constant contact.

Maintaining efficient communications and a reliable network can prove challenging with legacy technologies, but GoCo can transform your business with a full range of simple, scalable, cloud-based solutions. Our network security services, unified communications and managed network solutions are built to ensure the up-time of your business and will improve your efficiency in no time.



They rely on us

  • 60%

    of warehouse executives indicated it was very likely they would invest in warehouse automation over the next three years*

  • 100K+

    users rely on GoCo Unified Communications

  • 99.9%

    Network availability**

GoCo’s solutions for your transportation and logistics business

Managed network services

99.9% network uptime for optimized speed and connectivity

GoCo’s managed network solutions are built from the ground up to give you the best network uptime and reliability for your business. SD-WAN enables multiple inexpensive broadband Internet circuits to be used together as one unified WAN, delivering optimal application performance, speed, and resiliency for your business. Our unique position as a multi-carrier provider with national scalability allows us to provide network solutions for all your business-critical sites.

Managed network services
Unified Communications for your team

Unified Communications

With our Unified Communications solution, GoCo Collaboration with Cisco Webex, your employees can contact customers, drivers, suppliers and warehouse staff using any device – including computers, mobile phones, desk phones, and more. This makes it easy to send notifications, instructions, or updates using the most convenient channel. We can unify your communication tools with GoCo’s Cloud PBX solution and our mobile app, so everyone on your team can keep in touch, regardless of their location.

Unified Communications
Multi-layered managed security

Multi-layered managed security

Your confidential customer and business data are increasingly vulnerable to rising threats and complex attacks that could damage your reputation and your business. As a leader in Managed Network Security, we can provide you with the advanced multi-layer threat monitoring and remediation services that protect top logistics and transportation providers throughout Canada.

Network Security Services

Simple integration of business apps

The right business apps add real value to your communication system by improving productivity and flexibility with our one-click calling to team members through the GoCo Collaboration platform. We can integrate our solution with popular CRM software like Zoho or Salesforce. Whether you’re travelling on the road, busy working in G Suite, Outlook, Teams or Office 365, GoCo is here to help you handle enquiries and manage your customer requests efficiently.

Collaboration with Cisco Webex
Managed Network Services

Simple network management

Time is critical in the transportation & logistics industry, and our web-based portal gives your IT team access to the up-to-date information they need to monitor network performance with full transparency. Our innovative network status portal displays a visual Google map of all your connected sites, providing live stats and regional outage information at your disposal.

Managed Network Services
Logistics & Transportation

Call-routing and Virtual Receptionist

As your business grows, so does the need to efficiently route calls to the right person at the right time. Our virtual answering service allows for customized call-routing based on geography, department, or priority, to ensure inbound calls from customers are always handled efficiently. GoCo’s unique offerings in the transportation sector are flexible, reliable, and nationally available.

Cloud Business Phone System

Polaris Transportation Group strengthens their customer service thanks to GoCo Cloud Contact Centre

Why GoCo?

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    We offer you an easier way to do business – one that means a smoother journey for you and helps untangle the legacy world of network and communication services that has been the norm. For us, valuing simplicity ensures that we’re efficient in our work and the solutions we deliver to your business.

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    In a world where business communications technology continues to rapidly evolve, we leverage our simplicity to deliver our solutions in the fastest manner, so your business can move forward and grow with confidence.

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    We know that your business needs are constantly evolving, so we provide you with scalable solutions that flex to your needs along the way.

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