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DDoS Protection


DDoS Protection – in-depth defence in the core network

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are increasingly frequent, threatening your website, mission-critical applications, Internet access and many other aspects of your networked operations. Our DDoS Protection solution reduces the risk with a multi-layer defence that increase your protection against security breaches, viruses, data theft, malware and ransomware.

GoCo’s Cloud DDoS Protection is built into our core network and incorporates an automatic DDoS detection system that monitors traffic and filters it through the Arbor Networks’ platform. Network security specialists add further defence by identifying, assessing and remediating threats. A third layer uses ‘black hole’ technology in the cloud to mitigate flooding attacks.

Multiple layers of in-depth defence provide you with ultimate protection against damaging DDoS attacks.

  • Minimized business impact

    Minimized business impact

    GoCo’s solution reduces the risk of security breaches, productivity halts or damage to your customer service or reputation.

  • Integrated, no-cost solution

    Integrated, no-cost solution

    DDoS Protection is built into our core network at no additional cost, with no installation or maintenance required. 

  • Assured business continuity

    Assured business continuity

    You can be confident that your critical business operations will not be disrupted by DDoS attacks.

  • Leading-class protection

    Leading-class protection

    GoCo’s DDoS Service uses Arbor Networks’ mitigation platform, trusted by over 90 percent of the world’s Tier 1 service providers.

Advanced features for Anti-DDoS Protection

  • 1

    Multi-layer defence

    GoCo provides in-depth defence through a multi-layer strategy that utilizes people, processes, technology and automated response. 

  • 2

    Trained monitoring specialists

    GoCo’s network security professionals are trained and qualified to identify, assess and remediate DDoS events. 

  • 3

    Automatic DDoS mitigation

    The system monitors the network and automatically responds to attacks by filtering traffic through Arbor Networks’ platform.

  • 4

    Resilient cloud architecture

    Resilient, geo-redundant cloud architecture with multiple peers, overbuilt capacity and boundary/upstream filtering mitigates flooding and amplification attacks.  

DDoS Protection defends your organization’s critical networked assets

  • Meet strategic defence requirements

    Meeting strategic defence requirements

    If your business depends on higher bandwidth networks to headquarters or data centres that host critical applications or important websites, DDoS Protection can reduce the risk of damaging attacks.

  • Reducing protection costs

    Reducing protection costs 

    If you currently pay for and manage standalone DDoS protection services, we can cut your costs with a managed solution that is built into our core network at no extra cost.

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