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Managed Firewall


Professional firewall managed services to minimize your security risks

Your firewall is critical to your overall security posture. It’s the first line of defence against attacks and security breaches that can disrupt your systems or lead to data loss. However, managing, maintaining and updating a firewall is time-consuming and poor maintenance can increase your vulnerability.

GoCo’s Managed Firewall service takes on that vital role for you. Experienced professionals will assess your security needs and design, build, configure, update and monitor your firewall 24/7 to maximize protection for your systems and your data. Your business will be secure, and your IT team will be able to focus on core priorities. 

A managed firewall service that balances performance with cost

  • Work from home solutions

    Integrated network security

    You can have confidence in your end-to-end protection — Managed Firewall is integrated with our Managed Network services. 

  • Multi-layered managed security

    Business-grade protection

    We build your customized firewall with best-of-breed components backed by expert monitoring to maximize protection.

  • Better protection, lower cost

    Better protection, lower cost

    Enhanced firewall performance reduces the risk and costs of non-compliance or fines for data breaches.

  • Unified Communications for your team

    Improved business continuity

    By maintaining your firewall in peak condition, our firewall management services minimize the risk of business disruption.

Comprehensive firewall management features to maximize protection

  • 1

    24/7 monitoring 

    We monitor your firewall 24/7 with fast and automatic fault detection to give you maximum network availability

  • 2

    Patch and upgrade management

    We take care of patch management and upgrades to keep your firewall up-to-date and secure.

  • 3

    Configuration and implementation

    Your firewall will be designed and configured by experienced security professionals to provide business-grade security.

  • 4

    Comprehensive support

    We provide full support to your IT team by handling any firewall issues, and thereby freeing them to focus on core priorities.

Managed Firewall – your questions answered

  • What is a firewall?

    A firewall is an integral and important element of a network security system. It is the first line of defence against security threats and is positioned between your internal network and external networks, including the Internet. The firewall monitors network traffic for threats and uses pre-defined rules to allow or block the traffic. 

  • Why are firewalls important?

    Firewalls act as a vital filter for incoming and outgoing traffic. Without a firewall, harmful content could enter your network, disrupt your business, cause a data loss or infect your system with viruses. The firewall also helps to restrict unauthorized access to your network resources, protecting your data and intellectual property.

  • What types of firewalls exist?

    A Stateful Inspection firewall inspects network traffic as well as the status of network connections. A next-generation firewall provides all the functions of a traditional firewall, but also includes other important functionalities such as intrusion detection and prevention, anti-virus and malware, web content filtering and application control. See our Unified Threat Management page for more. 

  • Who should monitor and manage firewalls?

    Internal IT and security teams can manage and monitor firewalls. However, the process is complex and time-consuming and the teams may not have access to the latest threat updates. Network security specialists have highly developed skills and experience, in addition to sophisticated monitoring resources and real-time threat databases. By providing a managed firewall service, security specialists can provide higher levels of protection and free internal teams for core duties. 

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