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One unified platform for all your communication and collaboration needs

Unified Communication is changing the way people work together. It provides a complete range of tools so that your people can communicate in the most suitable way.

They might just want to leave an instant message, hold a chat session, make a quick phone call, share content or hold a video conference. All this is possible with GoCo’s advanced Unified Communication (UC) solution.

All the tools are available on any fixed or mobile device through a single consistent interface available from the cloud.

GoCo’s UC technology can help you succeed simply and efficiently, and drive your business performance

  • Increase your productivity - more easy-to-use tools on a single platform
  • Improve your connectivity – users communicate from anywhere on any device
  • Reduce your costs – affordable subscription and lower infrastructure or management costs
  • Enhance your customer service – improved response to customers across all channels
  • Collaborate easily – rich meeting experience on demand on any device
  • Customize your solutions - tailored to the way your business works

UC is a great way to build efficient teamwork

Your people can work together easily without the time and cost of travel or the inconvenience of trying to book a conference room.

Now they can collaborate easily and securely from the desktop, on a mobile or in a small meeting area. Location is no longer a barrier to collaboration, even if a large part of your workforce is working remotely.

More ways to communicate efficiently

  • Enterprise voice
  • Instant messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Multi-party collaboration
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Content sharing

Single integrated cloud solution that can increase productivity for busy workers

GoCo's robust, highly secure Unified Communications Platform

Our BroadSoft based cloud-hosted UC platform enables seamless, ubiquitous connectivity between all corporate locations and remote workers, ensuring that all UC features and services are available.

GoCo’s UC solution is hosted in the cloud

You don’t need to manage and maintain infrastructure on site. Instead, UC is delivered as a service with an affordable monthly subscription.

GoCo’s UC services are accessible on any device

Your people won’t have to keep changing devices when they start a new task. So, it’s easy to create an email, place a call, check voicemail, send a message or launch a conference from the same intuitive interface.

The GoCo UC solution puts you in control

Because a cloud solution is scalable, you can increase capacity on demand to meet traffic peaks, seasonal demand or growing business needs.

GoCo solutions that power Unified Communications

Cloud Business Phone System

With GoCo’s Cloud Business Phone System (Hosted PBX) you can provide your employees with enterprise voice and all the Unified Communication and Collaboration tools they need.

With our cloud business phone systems you can give employees in all your locations access to their tools on any desktop or mobile device, even if they are working from home or other remote locations.

Simplify your infrastructure and reduce your overall communication costs

  • Simpler infrastructure
  • Predictable pay-per-seat pricing
  • End-to-end business communications
  • Scalable support for home and remote working
  • Reduced support costs

GoCo delivers business phone system (PBX) from the cloud, so the solution is highly-scalable and suitable for delivering consistent Unified Communications services regardless of location. Our service is fully managed, relieving the support burden on your IT team. However, it can be integrated with your premise equipment, giving you complete operational flexibility.

Call & Contact Centre

The advanced features of a GoCo cloud call or contact centre let customers communicate through the channel of their choice and give agents the tools to deliver exceptional service.

The result – increased revenue, greater customer retention and enhanced productivity for inbound, outbound and blended environments, making your contact centre a profit centre.

  • Advanced IVR – Greet customers and help them reach the right contact quickly and easily.
  • Automatic Call Distribution – Route calls to the right agent by priority, location or business rules to improve customer response and productivity.
  • Integration with Applications – Workforce management, CRM, helpdesk software and quality management for faster call resolution.
  • Powerful Analytics – Optimize performance and make more effective use of resources.
  • Video Collaboration – Create personalized customer interactions and speed up problem resolution
  • Cloud scalability – Increase or reduce capacity on demand to meet traffic peaks, seasonal business and campaign follow-up.
  • Security & Compliance – Ensure stringent security to protect customer and business data and comply with regulations including PCI-DSS and HIPPA.

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the collaboration platform leaders in the modern workplace.

With Direct Routing for Teams from GoCo, you can take communication a step further by giving your users access to full enterprise voice over the traditional telephone service (PSTN).

Your calls are transported over GoCo’s Tier 1 network, ensuring secure, high-quality voice communications with colleagues, customers and business partners anywhere in the world.

Global Calling

Inbound and outbound calls routed over the PSTN: reach any phone number, anywhere in the world, directly from Teams.*

Cost-Effective Plans

Access to value-for-money calling plans.

End-to-end Support

Highly experienced Microsoft-certified professionals configure and manage your solution with 24x7 monitoring.

Enterprise HD Voice

Connect to all of the Microsoft Phone System features on top of Teams advanced productivity features.

Greater Security

Encrypted dedicated connections and the highest level of protection for your data, your users and your systems.

SIP Trunking

Save on your business communications with a full-featured and secure gateway to the PSTN with GoCo SIP Trunking.

GoCo SIP Trunking meets the highest standards for commercial applications and provides secure, reliable routing over standard Internet and data networks with no need for expensive dedicated private circuits.

By tightly integrating Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) with SIP Trunking, GoCo’s service combines both signaling and media encryption.

TLS prevents information such as names or telephone numbers from being captured by hackers.

SRTP protects audio and video media traffic.

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