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Managed SD-WAN

Effortless network management: maximize performance, security & savings

Experience hassle-free
network management

Connect all your distributed sites and teams seamlessly with GoCo’s high-performing, secure SD-WAN solution. As a leading managed network services provider in Canada, we efficiently handle thousands of locations from coast to coast.

Why switch to
managed SD-WAN?

Improved network performance

Using traffic shaping and routing, SD-WAN benefits your business by ensuring critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth. You can be sure that the voice and meeting applications will perform without latency and jitter due to deprioritizing file downloads or social media.

Enhanced network security

Featuring next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and secure web gateways, SD-WAN provides organizations with a more secure and unified approach to protecting their networks.

Reduced WAN costs

SD-WAN vs MPLS? When comparing them in terms of cost, software-defined networking is a more affordable choice. SD-WAN utilizes low-cost broadband internet circuits to create an efficient WAN, maintaining performance without straining the budget.

Robust tools for WAN management

SD-WAN simplifies network configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting through a central orchestrator, offering comprehensive visibility and control. It enables easy setting of network rules and in-depth analysis of network data.

Simplified network scalability and agility

SD-WAN enables network scalability, accommodating growth and infrastructure changes without significant investments in new hardware. It allows for rapid deployment of new sites and services, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements.

Cloud-readiness architecture

SD-WAN solutions enhance connectivity to cloud services adopted by businesses, ensuring direct, secure access to cloud providers. This is particularly advantageous for organizations with a geographically dispersed workforce.

SD-WAN benefits: Top 7 advantages for multi-location companies

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Discover GoCo‘s SD-WAN
key features

Fully managed and co-managed model

Goco’s SD-WAN can be fully managed by our team or co-managed with your IT department, allowing for flexibility in management and maintenance.

Predictable monthly fee

Our SD-WAN comes with a fixed monthly fee that covers all hardware, maintenance and support costs, ensuring no unexpected expenses and better budgeting.

Full centralized view

This feature provides a complete overview of the network from a single point, simplifying management and enabling quick identification and resolution of any potential issues.

Traffic prioritization

With this feature, critical applications always get priority bandwidth. It optimizes network performance and ensures essential processes run smoothly without being affected by other network traffic.

Bandwidth aggregation

Goco’s SD-WAN can combine multiple internet connections, increasing the overall network bandwidth and improving performance and reliability.

SASE ready

Our SD-WAN lays robust groundwork for a disruptive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model, integrating network and security functions for a secure, efficient networking environment.

Instant failover

GoCo’s SD-WAN solution ensures business continuity by automatically rerouting network traffic to an alternative connection in case of an outage, guaranteeing uninterrupted service.

Firewall & UTM

Our SD-WAN integrates firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM) to secure your network from external threats while enforcing compliance and controlling web access.

Cloud VPN

Goco’s SD-WAN ensures secure, end-to-end encrypted, remote access via dynamic VPN tunnels, accommodating various traffic patterns from any network location to the cloud.

Why choose GoCo?

We are the leading managed services provider in Canada

Having implemented communication and managed network projects for over 4,500 Canadian businesses, we accumulated years of expertise in network design, implementation and support.

We are multi-carrier by design

Working with 130+ partner carriers from coast to coast, we deliver unparalleled availability and redundancy to keep your sites connected.

GoCo Core network

With data centers in all major cities in Canada and $15M investments in the core network, we created next-generation infrastructure to guarantee you a cost-effective, highly reliable and secure service.

We are vendor-agile, teaming up with top SD-WAN vendors

GoCo operates in collaboration with three giants of SD-WAN technology—VMware, Cisco and Fortinet, highly acknowledged by Gartner for their cutting-edge solutions.

Our solutions are purposefully streamlined

We specialize in crafting solutions tailored to customers’ unique needs and budget constraints. Our primary focus is to ensure simplicity, speed and scalability, addressing all facets of efficient business operations.

24/7 support with onsite assistance across Canada

GoCo provides bilingual round-the-clock network monitoring, auto-generated trouble tickets and proactive support. With offices nationwide, we’re always ready to deliver personalized online and onsite assistance whenever required.

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