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Revolutionizing branch networking with agility, performance and cost reduction

GoCo’s SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) solution gives your network the ability to meet demands for greater mobility, digital transformation, increasing dependence on real-time cloud services and improved branch performance. You’ll benefit from the performance and agility to handle any type of traffic, prioritize critical applications and reduce networking costs.

GoCo can help. We are one of Canada’s leading enterprise SD-WAN managed service providers, offering fully managed end-to-end solutions. You’ll benefit from over 20 years of experience in networking design, deployment and support. Our engineers work with you to tailor a solution that’s optimized for your applications, security requirements and branch structure.

An advanced SD-WAN solution with powerful business benefits

  • Optimize application performance

    Optimize your application performance

    SD-WAN’s intelligent software overlay dynamically routes your traffic over the best available connection. You can easily prioritize mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications such as voice and video.

  • Maximize availability for your users

    Maximize availability for your users

    Your network will be up and running with multiple diverse connections in an active/active configuration and seamless session failover. The solution gives fast, reliable access to your applications and services, as well as an improved user experience.

  • Enhance network visibility

    Enhance network visibility

    Our intuitive portal gives you complete visibility over your network. You can easily view security and application policies and check performance metrics.

  • Improve your cloud access

    Improve your cloud access

    SD-WAN technology is secure, scalable and cloud-ready. Your SaaS and cloud-based services can be routed over the optimal path for the best possible end-user experience.

  • Reduce your WAN costs

    Reduce your WAN costs

    SD-WAN vs. MPLS? Costs are lower than MPLS, which is traditionally used to maximize application performance. We leverage low-cost broadband Internet circuits to create a cost-effective WAN without compromising performance.

How SD-WAN technology transforms networking

SD-WAN technology transforms networking

Simple, innovative, cost-effective approach

Our SD-WAN solution offers a simple, innovative, cost-effective approach to solving your networking challenges. Instead of using legacy WAN technologies like MPLS or Private VPN, we provide a more flexible choice by combining multiple low-cost broadband connections as one unified WAN for enhanced network reliability and performance. The smart difference is the intelligent software overlay. It dynamically routes your traffic over the best available connection and prioritizes critical traffic, so your users always enjoy the best experience.

Experience the GoCo SD-WAN difference

  • Simplified deployment of new sites

    Free your IT team and simplify the deployment of your new site by leveraging our extensive experience in network design, implementation, management and support.

  • Fully managed SD-WAN service

    We take care of management, monitoring and maintenance of your networks so your team won’t have to.

  • A complete SD-WAN solution

    You deal with a single source for design, implementation and support of your end-to-end solution.

  • Scalable solution for multi-site businesses

    SD-WAN is an ideal solution for connecting large numbers of sites in a cost-effective way.

  • Award-winning SD-WAN technology

    We build your SD-WAN solution with advanced technologies, including market-leading VMware® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ and Cisco Meraki.

  • Enterprise-grade SD-WAN security

    We protect your networks with end-to-end encryption and a next-generation firewall to enforce your security policies.

  • Added protection with UTM

    For extra protection for your data and systems, our Unified Threat Management service blocks viruses, malware and other threats.

  • SD-WAN coverage across Canada & the USA

    Our national carrier-class network connects all your sites with the right broadband access solution, wherever they are located.

An end-to-end SD-WAN partner for your business

Reducing protection costs

Up and running quickly and easily

We’ll get your SD-WAN up and running quickly and easily with no burden on your team. Our experienced engineers will design a customized solution for your business and help you define application and security policies. We will provide the most suitable connectivity from our wide range of access options, deploy and test the solution at each location and monitor your networks 24×7.

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