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SIP Trunking


Your key to agile, scalable cost-effective communications

SIP Trunking replaces the traditional telephone lines that connect your communications infrastructure to the PSTN with virtual lines that carry voice over an Internet connection. SIP Trunking gives you greater flexibility in terms of volume and geographic distribution, and it is a highly scalable solution. If you need more capacity, you can simply activate more channels without having to install more lines.

SIP Trunking solutions also reduce costs. SIP channels cost an average of 40% less than traditional ISDN lines. Voice calls on SIP trunks can be carried over the same network as data traffic. With just one network to manage for voice and data, you’ll save on support costs. With GoCo SIP Trunking, there is no compromise on quality or reliability. The solution is capable of supporting crystal-clear HD voice and, as a digital solution, SIP reliability is higher than legacy cabling.

Enhance communications and reduce your costs.

GoCo SIP Trunking is a secure, reliable, flexible alternative to legacy cabling that opens new communications opportunities.

  • Higher security

    Higher security

    Our solution supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to maximize protection.

  • Greater flexibility

    Greater flexibility

    You can scale capacity up or down on demand. Just request the number of channels you need.

  • Lower costs

    Lower costs

    Manage a single converged network for voice and data traffic and protect your existing infrastructure investment.

  • Reseller

    Access advanced services 

    SIP Trunking is a digital service that enables you to access VoIP and unified communications solutions.

  • Increased reliability

    Increased reliability

    GoCo’s solution runs on our own private carrier-class network with multiple points of redundancy and failover.

Advanced features to drive your communications forward

  • 1

    Multi-location support

    You can connect branch offices, at-home workers and mobile staff to the same centrally managed PBX.

  • 2

    Simple provisioning

    You can add or remove SIP channels on demand to adjust capacity according to traffic levels or seasonal business.

  • 3

    Broad PBX compatibility

    GoCo’s solution is compatible with more than 30 IP PBX models, protecting your investment and simplifying integration.

  • 4

    Class-leading technology

    Our SIP Trunking solution runs on the BroadSoft platform, the most widely used platform for unified communications.

  • 5

    HD voice 

    Voice calls travel on GoCo’s private network, with the option of differentiated Quality of Service to ensure crystal-clear voice calls.

  • 6

    Expert local support

    GoCo is a Canadian company with extensive experience in SIP Trunking and the resources to provide end-to-end support.

Join our team

GoCo, your trusted partner for SIP Trunking

You can rely on GoCo for high-quality, reliable voice connectivity. We have been a leading Canadian SIP Trunk provider since 2002 and were one of the first companies to secure SIP trunks with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP). Your traffic runs on our nationwide, carrier-class, fiber-optic network with voice calls carried on our private Internet service.

GoCo SIP Trunking – your questions answered

  • What is SIP Trunking?

    An SIP Trunk is a digital circuit using Internet and IP networks to carry voice calls from the PSTN to a PBX. SIP Trunks replace traditional analogue circuits and can reduce your overall IT management and administration costs by simplifying networking.

  • How many SIP Trunks will we need?

    You should initially purchase SIP Trunks based on the number of simultaneous calls you anticipate needing. However, you can increase or reduce the number on demand if your requirements change.

  • Will we need to increase our bandwidth?

    You may need to increase your bandwidth if you carry a lot of data traffic as well as a high volume of voice calls.

  • What happens if our Internet connection fails?

    If your Internet connection fails, your SIP Trunk will be unable to process inbound or outbound calls. However, incoming calls can be redirected over a back-up circuit to other working numbers, mobile phones or voicemails and processed later so you won’t lose any calls.

  • Do we need additional equipment to use SIP Trunking?

    GoCo’s SIP Trunks work with your existing IP-PBX. Our solution is compatible with more than 30 IP PBX models. SIP Trunks can also be used with analogue devices via an Integrated Access Device. 

  • Do we need SIP Trunks if we have a hosted solution? 

    No. SIP Trunking is designed for use with premise-based infrastructure such as an IP-PBX or analogue device. 

  • Why is SIP Trunking more scalable than analogue circuits? 

    Traditional analogue circuits can only support a fixed number of communication channels, which limits your possibilities when trying to scale to the exact number of lines you require. With SIP Trunking, you can add or reduce capacity by one circuit at a time to meet your exact needs. You may need to scale the bandwidth of your Internet connection to align with the new number of lines. 

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