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Collaboration with Webex


GoCo Collaboration with Webex makes teamwork simpler

GoCo Collaboration with Webex brings your team members and external participants together, in one simple, scalable platform. Whether you’re meeting with customers, remote employees, or team members in the office, we make it easy to connect and collaborate as if they could stop by each other’s desks. GoCo’s collaboration solutions provide your teams with a powerful comprehensive set of tools based on advanced technology from Cisco Webex.

Your teams can connect instantly from any location, share content easily and make faster, better decisions. The Webex app will help you improve your team collaboration and communications, making it easier to share ideas, accelerate project timescales and drive innovation. When online collaboration is this simple, it’s easier to build effective relationships both inside and outside your organization. 

All your collaboration tools under one App – Cisco Webex

Cisco WebEx Collaboration


Your teams can start a meeting from anywhere with the touch of a button and access all the collaboration tools they need – secure group messaging, file and screen sharing, as well as whiteboard.

WebEx Meetings


Your teams can communicate face-to-face in real time and host or join webinars from wherever they are located with HD video conferencing, broadcast-quality audio, file and screen sharing and optional one-touch recording with Cisco Webex Meetings.

WebEx Calling


By combining Webex with GoCo’s cloud phone system, your teams will access all of the traditional phone calling functionalities in a single, modern collaboration tool. Whether from desktop devices or through an easy to use app, you will be able to do phone calls over our Tier 1 network.

WebEx File Sharing

File Sharing

Make the job of reviewing items, tracking comments, and sharing updates easy! GoCo Collaboration allows you to provide immediate feedback to employees and securely share team project files in one centralized location.

WebEx Collaboration digital whiteboard

Digital Whiteboard

Draw using the digital whiteboard with your team and share interactive drawings in chat and teams. Two-way whiteboarding in GoCo collaboration means brainstorming and ideating on the fly!

Team collaboration has never been easier

GoCo Collaboration with Webex is the ideal solution for driving innovation in the modern workplace

  • Collaboration from anywhere

    Collaboration from anywhere 

    Your teams can collaborate from home or meeting rooms, using desktop or mobile devices – all with the same meeting experience. 

  • Collaboration Tool Suite

    The best tools for collaboration

    We make your online meetings more productive with file sharing, secure messaging, whiteboarding, HD audio video conferencing and enterprise voice.

  • Simple to set up and use

    Simple to set up and use

    Your teams can easily set up or join virtual meetings with intuitive controls and no bookings.

  • Professional support

    Professional support for trouble-free meetings

    We provide responsive end-to-end support, from white-glove service to self-serve management.

Advanced features for great online collaboration

  • 1

    Advanced content sharing capabilities

    Your teams can share files, screens, applications and whiteboard content securely and easily with no size limit.

  • 2

    Collaboration on any device

    Our cloud solution allows participants from inside and outside your organization to collaborate using any Internet-connected device.

  • 3

    Convenient messaging

    Your team members can communicate quickly and easily via chat, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing.

  • 4

    Single secure scalable cloud platform

    You won’t need onsite infrastructure or IT support and you can scale the system up or down.

Advice from industry experts on the optimum solution for your business

  • Drive more sales

    Drive more sales

    Online collaboration helps you strengthen customer relationships and allow your teams to focus on new opportunities. For example, sales professionals can access expert advice in real time and share key documents with customers to close deals faster.

  • Improve marketing performance

    Improve marketing performance

    Now you can manage your internal marketing teams, external agencies and experts in a single place to brainstorm creative ideas, accelerate campaigns, track deadlines and metrics and strengthen your brand.

  • Strengthen financial management

    Strengthen financial management

    You can easily hold large, structured meetings with users in many locations, bringing together stakeholders and staff to share reports, track spending, manage budgets and keep strategic initiatives on track.

  • Enhance training and education

    Enhance training and education

    Our cloud-based collaboration solution makes it easy to set up and run remote training and educational programs with comprehensive content sharing and interactive facilities to improve the learning experience and results.

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