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Unified Threat Management


GoCo UTM protects your systems, data and your reputation

GoCo’s Unified Threat Management strengthens your security posture with a single solution that brings together multiple network security functions including next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention, application control, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection and web content filtering. Our UTM solution provides superior visibility and protection over traditional firewalls. 

We back our UTM technology with continuous updates so we can protect your business with multi-layered security intelligence and protection from new and emerging threats that are increasing in volume and complexity. UTM is a critical security tool for your business, allowing you to safely communicate and benefit from the cloud.

Managed UTM Solution

Advanced network security without the infrastructure

We provide your UTM solution as a managed service with no hardware to buy or support. It integrates with our Managed Network Services and is a centralized solution, using market-leading Fortinet technology to detect and mitigate threats.

Stronger protection, simpler security for your business

  • Improve business continuity

    Improve business continuity

    By protecting your business against threats and attacks, we reduce the risk of business disruption.

  • Protect your reputation

    Protect your reputation

    We minimize the risk of data loss or business disruption, which can damage your reputation.  15 words 

  • Ensure compliance 

    Ensure compliance 

    Many industry regulations and customer SLAs require additional security measures and, by implementing stringent security, our UTM solution can help your business comply with them.

  • Improve productivity

    Improve productivity

    Our advanced detection systems can block non-productive web surfing and unwanted applications that consume unnecessary bandwidth.

  • Simplify security management 

    Simplify security management 

    GoCo’s multi-level security protects your data and systems effectively while we take care of monitoring and management.

Advanced features for comprehensive threat management

  • 1

    Intrusion prevention 

    We reduce your risk from network and application attacks with real-time detection and filtering of unsafe traffic

  • 2

    Anti-virus protection

    We helps to prevent network threats by scanning your email and web traffic using advanced virus and spyware detection.

  • 3


    Our advanced security gateway protects your networks against increasing threats from malicious websites, phishing URLs and botnets.

  • 4

    Automatic threat updates 

    FortiGuard Labs’ global research team continuously scans the threat landscape to identify new threats and automatically update our UTM system.

  • 5

    Application and web content control

    Our solution enables you to control the applications and web content your users can access over your network.

  • 6


    You can export real-time log data to an external server for analysis and reporting with your preferred software or add our UTM Analytics.


Unified Threat Management for key areas of your business

  • Branch networks

    Branch networks

    UTM is a cost-effective solution for protecting your branches. UTM can be used in conjunction with GoCo’s Managed Network Service to support branches, with no infrastructure to deploy or manage. 

  • Competitive replacement

    Competitive replacement

    You can use GoCo’s UTM solutions to replace alternative security devices. UTM is built into our core network, so you don’t need to send traffic elsewhere for security scanning. 

  • Virtual Data Centre

    Virtual Data Centre

    If you use GoCo’s Virtual Data Centre to host enterprise applications that you deploy and manage, UTM can provide the essential protection by monitoring traffic from the data centre.  

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